Kitesurfing In Guernsey, You’re Invited

Ignoring Jersey of course – as one always should

Being on an Island is great. I never kited before I moved here so I suppose I didn’t realise just how amazing it was until I started scoping out other locations in the world. The reality of kitesurfing in Guernsey, and of inhabiting 25 square miles of granite, exposed to the full force of both winter Westerly airstreams, and the summer high pressure nor’ east “Trades”, is really something quite special.

Image Credit: Dana

Image Credit: Dana (via

From the Autumn onwards you’re treated to an almost constant stream of low pressures as they march over the ocean bringing strong west winds, and often some pretty meaty swells along too. Vazon will light up and tends to be pretty much empty on the low tides – the surfers preferring to take their chances on the push, or over the various reefs that the bay presents. I have enjoyed countless 2 hour wave sessions on my kite without seeing another soul.

Throughout the summer it’s all about northerly airstreams that bring gusty semi-thermal wind that builds throughout the day (often beyond the most optimistic of forecasts) before dropping back to nothing as the sun begins to set. Shorties (or even boardies) are fine in July & August, and we get the most hours of sunshine in the British Isles (ignoring Jersey of course – as one always should).

With the right equipment, and an eye on the (bloody ridiculous) tidal range, you can be almost sure to get a kite session twice a week all year round.

With the right equipment, and an eye on the (bloody ridiculous) tidal range, you can be almost sure to get a kite session twice a week all year round.

Added to that, we have a spot for every single one of the 360 possible degrees of incoming wind – although you might have to climb a number of steps, and wait for a pretty low tide, in order to make the most of a dead southerly!

Oh – and did I mention there are only about 20 kiters? Dropping to nearer 10 in the cold dark winter months?

All in all it can be quite hard to find the motivation to go anywhere else, when what you have on your doorstep is so beautiful.

There are downsides like everywhere else: Bum reports, small rocky spots with often challenging launches and summer time crowds of swimmers and surfers, but generally you’d be pressed to find another place in the world quite like this one (ignoring Jersey of course – as one always should).

Fancy making a life here? You might find it challenging. We have some of the most expensive property in Europe, and a high cost of living… Oh and no immigration policy – at all. Then again maybe these challenges are what has kept it so special.

And people seem to think its OK to pull up ANYWHERE to take a phone call

If you have the opportunity to come over and kite… DO IT!

Be sure to check out the Facebook group beforehand so we can help you out with inside knowledge, tips on when and where it’s best to kite, and also the hazards to look out for. You’ll find a warm welcome from an approachable bunch of people.

See you soon.

Written by: Adam